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Photo & Video Contest Guidelines

Thanks to numerous friendly photographers, we have now collected over 1,200 photos from the Ran-it Granite event, and most can be searched by the name of the orienteer(s) appearing in the photo! Just go here and either browse or use the search window:

Each photo indicates the photographer, and if you'd like the highest resolution version of an image, just email us This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it   the photographer's name, and the image you'd like. All photographers have agreed to make their images available for free for personal (noncommercial) use.

Please thank the following participating photographers (in alphabetical order): Nadim Ahmed, Angie Barrett, Eileen Breseman, Kelsey Breseman, Petr Hartman, Allen Hubsch, Julie Keim, John Landers, Kathleen Lennon, Mark & Patti Mace, Jan & Dasa Merka, Heidi Onkst, Patuxent NJROTC, Alexis Rzewski, Trish Strat, Calvin Underwood, and Phylis Wood as well as the (anonymous) panel of 3 judges.

Congratulations to our winners:

Photo, 1st place: John Landers, for this photo of the relay start;

Photo, 2nd place: Jan Merka, for this photo of Intercollegiate competitor Keith Andersen

Photo, 3rd place: Julie Keim, for this photo bracketing a scenic control;

Photoshop Category (new!): honorable mentions to Dasa Merka for this photo of Neal Trump and this photo of Keith Andersen and to Kathleen Lennon for this photo of Ross Smith;

Video, 1st place: Nadim Ahmed, for this video but especially the last 30 seconds of it;

Video, 2nd place: Kathleen Lennon, for this video of an M-12 runner;

Video, 3rd place (tie): Eileen Breseman, for both this group juggling video as well as this video of Kelsey (Breseman).

Video, Dancing Category (new!): clearly this video by Calvin Underwood of John Hensley Williams may be just the start of a slew of equally unique videos in future contests! 


For the record, here were the guidelines:

The idea is to spread the fun even after the meet is done. Just submit A-Meet related digital photos and videos (or links to where they can be found and downloaded) to us by April 6. We will be posting a link to them for participants, tagging them with searchable keywords (especially the names of people in the photos) and the top 3 photos and videos will be awarded $100, $50, and $25 each.

Contest Guidelines:

  1. You must be the owner of the photo or video (or have the owner's permission) to submit photos/videos;
  2. Please use your judgement, and before submitting any photo, seek permission where appropriate of photo/video subjects who may not wish their photos made public;
  3. Anyone may submit a photo, including QOC volunteers or members;
  4. By submitting a photo, you acknowledge that QOC has your irrevocable permission to share it and show it digitally and in print, with attribution;
  5. Although you are agreeing to allow QOC to use your images, you remain the owner of your images and may also use them in any manner you choose;
  6. Please identify individuals in each of your photos by name if you can;
  7. Make sure to submit photo, video, or link(s) to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it by April 6.

Anything A-Meet related is fine to show, so don't feel the only photos should be pajama-people running in the woods (although we like those too).The judges will undoubtedly make their decisions in a highly subjective and most likely irreproducible manner, and the odds of winning are likely to be low, so keep in mind you're already a winner if you submit your photos and videos and recognize the fun of participating!


Additional comments about Flickr:

For those new to Flickr: to search by name, first or last, enter the name in the "tag" Search window, and make sure to search only Ran-it Granite photos (and not all photos in Flickr, although that might be interesting too; add the search terms "Ran-it Granite" or "RiG" to any other search interests). Membership in Flickr is free, and allows you to order prints directly from photos of high enough resolution.

And remember: if you've got additional photos you're willing to share, let us This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it know.

Want to see a list of all keywords/tags used? Here's the link:


Hint: to see the name of the photographer, click directly on the smaller (2 x 3 inches) photo, and then look just below the lower border of the larger (4 x 6 inch) photo that should appear. You can also save the larger photo by right-clicking on it, although the resolution may not be high enough for printing (depending on the photo).